7 Contact Details

7.1 Shawn Graham

Associate Prof of Digital Humanities, on Twitter @electricarchaeo

In our Slack space, you can always send me a direct message. That is probably the most efficient (and preferred) way for you to contact me. We can set up instant video chats using http://appear.in, when we are both online. Or we can use Slack’s video chat option. Othertimes, I might put together large-scale real-time video conferencing; for that I will use tools in cuLearn and I will advise you of the same.

7.2 About this site

This site is generated from static text files using the Bookdown site generator package.

Icons are from the Noun Project:

  • ‘Designer’ by Marie Van den Broeck from the Noun Project
  • ‘Lock’, by Jafri Ali
  • ‘Robot’, by Rutmer Zijlstra

Other Images

  • ‘Inspiration’ Screenshot from Google Search Results
  • ‘Hand Knitted Laptop’ by KateMonkey